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See Homepage. This page: Seen somewhere overseas, a post-war Jowett Javelin being repaired, then joined by a Consul on a car ferry.
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Has this Jowett broken down?

The first of these two Jowett car photographs shows the owner fixing his car at the roadside. The bonnet is raised, and the lower grille has been removed to expose the flat-four engine. The upper section of the grille is hinged, and is seen here folded up out of the way. It looks to me like the driver is blowing out the jets in one of the Javelin's Zenith carburettors (two Zenith carbs were fitted, one per bank of cylinders).
The Jowett Javelin was built from 1947 to 1953 (early advertising for the Javelin can be seen on this page). The vegetation in the background of the photo, and the fact that the gent is wearing shorts rather than tweeds while fixing his car, suggest a balmy overseas location rather than somewhere in the Jowett's native Yorkshire.
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A Jowett Javelin car requiring repair

"All Aboard" for the Jowett and a Mk1 Consul.

The second photo shows the same Jowett back on the road, or, to be more accurate, parked on a simple car ferry. The owner looks on anxiously as a RHD Mk1 Ford Consul joins the Javelin on board the craft. The Jowett's registration looks to be G 7877, and the Consul sports the number MK 64. Hopefully this will help someone to identify where these two cars were registered, and hopefully the location for these shots.
The Jowett Javelin on board a car ferry

Registrations identified!

My thanks now to Victor, who has managed to identify the cars' registrations and to where they belong:
"I have finally identified the location of the fascinating shot of a Javelin and a Mk 1 Consul/Zephyr on your website.
The Javelin is registered in Gwelo (Gweru), Zimbabwe (then S. Rhodesia) and the Ford in Zambia (Northern Rhodesia) and they must be crossing the country-separating Lake Kariba. I estimate the shot to be circa 1953.
Noting the conveyance, I opine that there are probably a few decent motors at the bottom of that lake, awaiting recovery!!"
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