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Homepage. This page: Photos from the early 1960s of Lambretta scooters with their owners.
Original transport photographs
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1. A Lambretta Li Series 2 scooter.

Scooter fans will recognise the machine shown below as an example of early 1960s Lambretta, registered in the Wigan area during 1961/1962. The photo was sent over by Keith, the rider is a friend of his, and the location is the car park of the Wellfield Hotel (now Sam's Bar) in Wigan. The scooter was registered HJP 979, and a quick look on the DVLA site suggests that the Lambretta, unlike its rider, is no longer around or at least is no longer registered. Note the inverted "L" (learner) plate fitted to this example.
Vespas and Lambrettas were low-cost methods of transport for many people throughout the 1950s and 1960s, the scooter shown below is I believe a Lambretta Li Series 2, a model introduced in both 125cc and 150cc form in 1959, which tallies with this example's registration date. As standard, the Li 125 only featured a front saddle, while the Li 150 featured two. However the passenger saddle was an option on the 125cc version, so the machine in Keith's photo could, in theory, be either of the two versions. The badge on the fairing is a little fuzzy, but more closely resembles Li "150" than Li "125". A single bench seat was also offered as an option.
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A rider on his Lambretta

2. A 1962 Lambretta.

Three photographs now of what I think is a Series 2 TV175, registered in London in 1962. I'm certain that this first shot was taken shortly after the Lambretta had been purchased by its first owner - the tax disc in the car parked alongside (a 103E Ford Popular) looks to be dated 1962. Clearly the family were over the moon with their new purchase, hence the snapshot recording the moment for posterity. Its registration is 863 DXH. A number of accessories are present, including the front carrier, and pair of rear view mirrors. A rear wheel carrier has also been fitted. As later photographs show, the accessorisation process for this classic scooter was in its early stages...
A 1962 Lambretta TV175
A day trip out has been recorded on film in this next photograph. A note on the rear reads "Stoped [sic] for tea on Salisbury Plain on way home". The deckchairs are unfolded, and the tea is flowing during the roadside halt. The Pop, with its unladen roofrack, and the scooter, are both in evidence. Also in shot and driving by is a fine Commer dropside lorry. Despite being a little blurry, it's still an image worth including here.
Lambretta and the Ford Pop
The final photo in this trio is of the same scooter, at a later date. Many more Lambretta accessories have found their way on to this example, including full-width wheel trims, extra lamps, several badges, and a large horn on the front mudguard. Whitewall tyres have also made an appearance.
Lambretta fitted with accessories
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