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See Homepage. This page: Two fine photographs of 1934 LaSalle two-door Coupes, as designed by Harley Earl of GM.
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1934 LaSalle Series 350 Coupe.

Tim sent over a couple of unidentified car photos that he'd turned up in an old family album. A little detective work, and contributions from forum members, identified this fabulous pre-war car as a 1934 LaSalle Coupe (Series 350), a design penned by Harley Earl of General Motors for the 1934 season, having seen initial drawings laid down by stylist Jules Agramonte. The date of this photograph is 31st March 1935, and the location is given as Hollywood, Florida, USA.
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1934 LaSalle automobile
The '34 LaSalle was powered by a straight-eight cylinder L-head engine, producing 95 bhp. The car's performance was kept in check by all-round hydraulic braking. Buyers could choose from a range consisting of a four-door sedan (with or without rear quarter windows), a coupe (as shown here), and a convertible coupe, all with coachwork built by Fleetwood. The Coupe cost new $1595 US.
The LaSalle brand, introduced in 1927, was one of several held within General Motors' portfolio. LaSalle was positioned midway between Cadillac, which occupied the top-rung of GM's ladder, and Buick.

2. Another LaSalle Coupe.

Next, a side view of 1934 LaSalle, possibly outside a French guesthouse ("Pension"). A smartly-dressed chap leans casually against the front wing of his eight-cylinder, 240.3 cubic inch-powered Coupe. A number of upgrade options were made available to LaSalle buyers, although this car's owner doesn't appear to have ticked many of them on the order sheet. These included dual sidemounts, rear fender skirts, four spoke steering wheel, luggage rack, heater, mirrors, spotlight, and a "Torpedo" front mascot - which does feature on this example. Two radio options - Master and Standard - were also offered.
LaSalle Series 350 coupe
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