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See Homepage. This page: Original 1930s photograph of a broken down Morris van being repaired.
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Morris van breakdown.

Clearly this late-1920s Morris light van is suffering from a mechanical malady of some kind. Three chaps, two in jackets and one reduced to shirtsleeves and waistcoat, peer beneath the van's bonnet, in the hope that it can be swiftly repaired. The evidence suggests that the Morris wasn't in the finest of fettle at the time of the photograph. Both front wings bear witness to minor impacts, and the registration plate has also been in contact with foreign objects. The registration commences FJ 3???, possibly indicating that the scene of the breakdown is a cobbled street in or around Exeter.
A few underbonnet details can be made out. The un-filtered SU carburettor is clearly visible, as is the scuttle-mounted fuel tank.
The chap in the shirt is turning the vintage engine's starting handle, while chap number two crouches down and peers at the engine. What they're inspecting isn't clear - are the valves visible from this side of the engine? It may be the angle of the photo, but the chap on the handle's left hand doesn't look quite how it left the factory. And I wonder who it was that took the photograph...and why...?
Passing jolly close to the Morris' front wing is a 1930s Lanchester.
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Morris van under repair
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