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See Homepage. This page: A Mercedes-Benz saloon and other classic cars, parked near to the Tiroler Landesmuseum.
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W121/W180 Mercedes-Benz saloon car.

Identifying the manufacturer of the light-coloured car was quite straightforward (Mercedes-Benz), and the model (most likely a W121 190 saloon, or the larger-engined W180 220 series), both recognisable from the older 180 (W120) by the presence of a chrome strip below the side windows. The "Ponton" Mercedes sedan was introduced in 1953 (initially as the four cylinder 180 series cars), while the 190 followed in 1956, one year after the sporty 190SL had made its debut. The 190 saloons would be offered with either four-cylinder petrol or diesel engines, while the SLs came with petrol units only. The 220 models were launched in 1954, offering six-cylinder power for those who could afford it.
A small number of 190 and 220 Mercedes cars were sold with the optional Webasto folding roof, a feature that can just be seen on the car shown in the photograph below., in the open position.
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Mercedes Ponton car
A number of elderly vehicles can be seen in this scene, including a brace of VWs, and a well-glazed coach to the right. No notes accompanied this photograph, so at first pinning down the location of this street scene was proving to be a problem. Enlarging the photograph revealed the words "Landes" and "Museum" on the building at the far end of the street, and a quick search online identified the building as that of the Tiroler Landesmuseum in Innsbruck, in the western region of Austria.
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Other classic Mercedes cars to feature on the site include the earlier 170 range, and the Ponton's replacement: the W111 "fintail" of 1959 onwards.

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