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Original transport photographs
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MG 1100.

I've fond memories of a two-tone MG 1100 that dad owned, as it was the first car I vaguely remember him owning. Sadly, as with most Austin, Morris, MG (and other) variants of BMC's ADO16 design, it succumbed to the unforgiving metal moth, and was soon sent to the scrapyard, to be replaced by a Volvo. The 12G206/12G295 cylinder head, and the car's distinctive MG chrome grille, live on, the latter hanging up in my garage, the former on a shelf somewhere, having seen service on my A40's engine in the dim and distant past.
The left-hand-drive four-door MG 1100 shown below was photographed on the Continent, and looks to be in fine fettle, sporting as it does a number of period accessories. Visible in this shot are aftermarket chrome wing mirrors, and a radio aerial. A Lucas Fogranger lamp, and a matching spotlamp (similar to those found on the Vanden Plas variant), have also been fitted. Can anyone identify the country this MG was first registered in from the distinctive 0-42 numberplate?
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MG 1100 car photo
The MG 1100 of 1962 was the sporting version of BMC's 1100 range. While the Austin 1100 and Morris 1100 were sold to the masses, the MG variant, with its sporting badge and twin carburettors, was aimed at boy racers who needed more space than was offered in the Mini, and more grunt than was offered in the basic Austin/Morris models. In 1967 the range as a whole received a raft of improvements, most useful being the adoption of the larger, 1275cc, version of the A-Series engine. Transmission was either via a four-speed manual, or automatic gearbox, the latter not being a feature of all model years and finally dropped altogether for the MG in 1969, two seasons before the MG's eventual demise (replaced by the Austin 1275GT version).

2. Andrew's MG 1100.

It was in 1974 that Andrew Willoughby, who provided this and a number of other interesting old photos, bought the following four-door MG 1100 - registration NCY 123. The MG, already a few years old at the time of this photo - and bearing evidence of the rust bug that plagued most cars in those days from an early age - was a replacement for a tired Riley Elf. In fact the Riley is also visible in the photo below, thanks for sending it over Andrew.
Another MG 1100 saloon car

The MG 1300.

Revisions to the MG version of the ADO16 resulted in the MG 1300, powered now by a 1275cc version of the A-Series engine. The following three photos were kindly sent over by Ian Moorcraft, who owned just such a machine, in two-door guise & built in 1969. His car replaced a sporty Austin-Healey "Frogeye" Sprite, photos of which are presented on this page. Of the 1300, Ian adds:
"Here is my replacement for the Frogeye Sprite, an MG 1300 bought in 1969 - far more civilised than the Sprite. It was in Bermuda Blue with a full-length Webasto sunroof. The first two pics are Sylvia and me in the New Forest in 1971. Then a bit later in the '70s with flower shirt and more hair, I think near Weymouth. Just like your Dad with his Mk1, I brought my first born son home from hospital in this car in '73."
Firstly, a head-on view of the classic MG with Ian's wife stood before it. The 1300 was registered THU 798G in 1969.
Front view of the MG 1300
Next, a side view of the MG with Ian sat alongside it. Handily the passenger door is open, so we get a glance of this model's sportier dashboard, and the aftermarket in-car radio that this car had (the aerial can be seen on the o/s/f wing). With its 1275cc engine, and (in later examples) twin-SU carburettor setup, it was viewed as a bigger brother to the Mini Cooper by some.
Side view of Ian's car
Finally for this trio, a colour snap of Ian stood with the 1300. Thanks for sending them over for inclusion on OCC.
Colour photo of the MG1300
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