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See Homepage. This page: A pre-war MG (Tickford) drophead coupe, formerly owned by a family member, and a VA tourer.
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1. An MG VA drophead coupe.

A photo from our family album now, this one showing a fine MG VA drophead foursome coupe, bodied by Tickfords and powered by a 1.5 litre engine I believe. This particular car belonged to dad's uncle, although the photo is undated so I can't be sure when exactly he owned this smart dhc MG. It no longer shows on the DVLA website, so I doubt MG 5560 still exists.
Tickford-bodied MG VA coupe
The MG VA (or 1.5 Litre) was only produced for 2.5 years, from Feb 1937 to September 1939, and was understudy to the larger-engined, six cylinder, SA and WA models. Three versions were offered, a saloon, a tourer, and the Tickfords-bodied drophead coupe, as shown above. In 1939, the drophead coupe cost 360 GBP. This was the final year of VA production, and this season's cars ushered in a number of improvements to the previous year's offerings. The engine now had a counterbalanced crankshaft, a new type of camshaft, and a dry-plate clutch. Luvax hydraulic shock absorbers were now fitted, and the Jackall built-in jacking system was now standard fitments on all MG VAs. The interior of the foursome coupe had also been improved slightly to improve accomodation.
The drophead foursome coupe was the top model in the VA range, and offered three roof positions: fully closed, fully open, or with just the front seat occupants exposed, in coupe-de-ville style.
The four cylinder engine had a displacement of 1548cc, overhead valves, twin semi-downdraft carburettors coupled to a four speed gearbox with remote gearchange. 19 inch wheels were fitted, shod with 5.00x19 crossply tyres.

2. MG VA tourer.

Interestingly, late in 2008 Naomi dropped me a note with this photo of her grandfather's old MG, reg, EPO 119. A little investigation shows that this too is an MG VA, although this time a Tourer, rather than a dhc. This car still shows up on a DVLA search, now painted white. Naomi adds: "When my granddad owned her, she was metallic blue, so she has obviously had a paint job as she is now white according to the DVLA records. I was wondering whether you could help me locate her?". Does anyone know of this car, and where it might be now?
MG VA tourer
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