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MGA Twin-Cam.

At first glance, this MG looks like any other MGA prepared for racing, but a closer look confirms that it is, most likely, an example of the much rarer Twin-Cam MGA. Fitted with a hardtop for racing, this MGA Roadster hints at its twin-cam powerplant by virtue of its knock-on Dunlop wheels. Standard 1500cc and 1600cc MGAs, powered by the single-cam OHV B-Series engine, were supplied either with bolt-on steel wheels, or else wires.
The MG looks to be in good company, surrounded as it is by a variety of single seat racers in this paddock scene. Perhaps someone recognises the location, and maybe even the car(s) in view? Other photos which show the circuit itself, remind me of Brands Hatch.
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MGA Twin-Cam roadster prepared for racing
Twin-Cam powered MGAs weren't exactly a common sight even in the early 1960s, which is why I've included this less-than-perfect photograph here. If any more period shots turn up, I'll add them in. In all just 2,111 examples of this 1,588cc sportscar were produced between 1958 and 1960, with the vast majority being roadsters rather than fixed-head coupes. Reliability issues dogged the Twin-Cam from day one, the MG's tendency to burn holes in the pistons, and a startling appetite for engine oil, winning it few friends. When pitted against more reliable sportscars from rivals Triumph and Austin-Healey, the MGA Twin-Cam didn't really stand a chance.
To help control the much-improved performance, Dunlop disc brakes were fitted to all four corners, as were the firm's high performance Road Speed tyres.
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Adverts for parts to suit this MG do occasionally get added onto the twin-cam parts page of this site, and photos of OHV-powered MGAs back in the 1960s can be seen here.

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