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Original transport photographs
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US Army trucks - WW2 era.

As photographs of wartime-era US Army trucks turn up, I'll add them onto this page. To begin with, a couple of photographs of trucks both believed to have been in use with the US Army in the war. The products of Chevrolet, REO, Mack, White, Diamond T and Dodge (to name just some) would see service with the Allies in WW2. Hopefully this page of images will expand over time to represent some of these different makes of truck.

1. 1940s truck and personnel.

The first photograph is a side view of an Army truck, with three personnel posed alongside it. Unfortunately the stencilled identifier on the bonnet is partially obscured, only a symbol plus three digits (164) being visible. Can anyone identify the make of 1940s truck shown, and perhaps the type of bodywork fitted to it? It has civilian-style front end panelwork, and is reminiscent of a Ford but I've not yet found a match. Someone more au-fait with military vehicles will no doubt have the answer! I wonder what the significance of the black armband worn by the lady on the right is? All information on the vehicles featured here welcomed.
(Please click the thumbnail to view a full-size version of the truck photos.)
Side view of an old Army truck

2. A censored rear view of a GMC truck.

It looks like the censor has been at work on this shot, scraping away part of the unit's identification lettering on the rear tailgate. Two vehicles are in view. The nearest truck, with twin rear axles and dual wheels on each hub, looks very much like a GMC. In front is another, smaller, vehicle, possibly a Command Car of some description.
Printed on the rear is the name Lieutenant B.P. Guglielmino. Whether that's the name of the person who developed the photographs, or of one of the people shown in this image, isn't known.
US Army GMC truck
Photographs and articles relating to WW2-era vehicles of American origin appear in a number of places across the site. Listed below are some of them.
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