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See Homepage. This page: Dane's recollections of owning a '30 Morris Minor while he worked in New Zealand, in the 1960s.

Dane's OHC Minor.

Dane kindly sent these memories and photographs over, they show a 1930 Morris Minor (overhead cam model) that he owned while he worked in New Zealand.
1930 OHC Morris Minor
Dane's recollections of his 1930 Morris Minor.
"I bought the car in September 1962 for 45. Drove around Wanganui for a few days before returning to Huntley School, Marton (25 miles) where I was a teacher. Ran a big end bearing on the way. The oil pressure gauge indicated about 15psi with the engine hot, but I found out that 45 psi was the figure it should have been. After new bearings, I never had any more trouble in that department.
I used the car extensively and enjoyed driving it in spite of its lack of speed. At one time one of the windscreen support pillars broke, so I removed the windscreen until I could fix it. At that time, one frosty night, I drove to the nearest highway, but that meant in those days simply a slightly broader than usual 2 lane road. There was a section of nice straight and level road complete with mile posts. I managed to complete a flying mile in 59 seconds.
One day I had a visit from a Wellington based enthusiast who owned an 'M' type MG (a photo of which can be seen here). It was interesting comparing the vehicles because they had basically the same OHC engine. The generator was mounted vertically at the front of the engine providing the connection from crankshaft to camshaft. A clever idea but on my car I had the generator fail a few times, so fitted a conventional belt-driven one, leaving the original just to provide that mechanical connection.
Just before I left NZ I sold the car to one of my pupils."
Pre-war Morris Minor & M Type MG Midget
Thanks Dane for sending your memories of that car over! Photos of a similar 1930s Minor, this time a fabric-bodied Morris Minor Semi-Sports, can be seen here, and a standard factory Minor 2-seater here.
More memoirs like this can be found in the motoring memories section at oldclassiccar.

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