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See Homepage. This page: Period photograph of the two-seater Morris Minor, plus a 1932 Minor in post-war London.
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Morris Minor 2 seat tourer.

A number of pre-war Minor saloons already feature in the vintage gallery, as do a couple of a special-bodied OHC Minor tourer in New Zealand. However this is the first old photograph I've turned up of a standard, UK specification, Morris Minor 2 seater tourer of the early 1930s. Stephen emailed this photograph over of his Grandfather, who ran a small garage, stood alongside the small 2 seat Morris. It didn't cause any problems identifying this pre-war Minor, as I've an identical model myself. TV 5034 is a Nottinghamshire number, a series that ran from 1929 to 1934.
These two-seater tourers are attractive little machines, and are interesting to drive, thanks to their modest engine power, and centre throttle pedal arrangement. In their day they were head-to-head rivals with the Austin 7.
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A Morris Minor 2 seater
Shortly before I received this photo from Stephen, Norm got in touch with his memories of owning a Minor just like this in the 1950's. His story can be found here, in the motoring memories section of this site.

2. A 1932 Minor two-seater in London.

This next photograph, in which a number of classic cars feature, came in a batch of images taken one September day in 1954. Someone from the council was undertaking an assessment of road congestion, and problem parking, in the capital. Happily each photograph features an interesting line-up of pre- and post-war classics. Nearest to the camera is a c1932 Morris Minor two-seater, while parked a short distance behind it is a circa 1947 Chevrolet Stylemaster (although its registration code - NXY - suggests that it was registered in the UK during mid-1953). Slightly further away are several other interesting machines, easiest to identify are the Mk1 Ford Consul, and an Austin K8 lorry with ladders on its roof. A street sign just behind the Chevy confirms the location as being the end of Brown Hart Gardens, while a sign attached to the building on the left suggests the presence of a Ford garage. Leaning against the wall, apparently not locked to anything in particular, a lone bicycle. In the background is Selfridges department store.
1932 Morris Minor car
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An old advertisement for the four-seater pre-war Morris Minor tourer, can be found on this page.

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