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Ford Model A van.

Colin Richardson, a recent visitor to OCC, kindly emailed over the following photograph of a Ford Model A van, and added: "The attached photo was with my paternal grandfather's WWI medals, but my father was adamant that it wasn't a picture of his father. So, I thought I would try to trace the car registration RX8713 looking for an owner and a location. I found your wonderful website and was able to determine the car was registered somewhere in Berkshire in the period 5/1927 to 3/1932, given the numbering probably towards the end of 1931. I tried to make enquiries at the DVLA web site but their online form requires a UK postcode to proceed, being in Australia I can't do that."
It's a long-shot, but does anyone know who the gent shown in the photo might be - a driver perhaps, or even the owner of the business?
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Ford Model A van
The Model A van was looking particularly magnificent at the time of being photographed, even its tyres had been given the (painted-on) "whitewall" effect, not something usually seen on vans of that - or indeed any - era. The signwriting promotes both Newberys, and also the Cuticura "Toilet Trio" of soap, ointment, and talcum (powder).
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