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See Homepage. This page: Original photograph of an 8hp Ford pickup truck of the mid/late 1930s.
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Ford Model Y pickup.

Photographs of Model Y saloons turn up reasonably often, as those featured on the Model Y photo pages 1 and 2 illustrate. However early photographs of light commercials built on the Ford Model Y are much harder to track down. The photograph shown below is a rare shot of a coachbuilt Model Y pickup truck, built for Wilson Bros, a building contractor in Streatham, London. The factory didn't produce a pickup version, and because there are no notes with this old photo the builder of this pickup isn't known.
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Ford Model Y Pickup in the 1930s
Although the photo is un-dated, there are some clues as to the build date of this Model Y. Earlier Model Ys had more vents on the side of the bonnet when compared to the six on this example, also the sidelights on earlier cars and vans were mounted separately on top of the front wings, rather than being incorporated within the headlamp units. The latter modification was introduced in 1934, by which time both cars and vans were fitted with a deeper radiator grille than those fitted to the first Model Ys.
This is a very neat little truck. Unlike many pickups that have separate wooden bodies, this one has an integral metal body joined to the back of the cab, similar in style to contemporary pickups, or "utes", built in Australia. The lightweight frame inside the rear load bay can just be seen, suggesting a limited carrying capacity - probably just 5cwt, as per the vans. India Standard 4.50 x 17 tyres are fitted.
A close look at the wall in the background reveals a warning notice - "Live Wires".
Australian buyers could opt for their own pickup version of the Model Y, known as the roadster utility, although take-up wasn't great and only ten or so are known to have been built.
In addition to the old photos of Model Y saloons and vans already linked to above, the gallery also has an interesting photo of a coachbuilt Model Y woodie. I've never driven a Model Y, but some years back I did buy the salvage rights to an extremely rusty Model Y. Despite appearances, it did yield a few useful spare parts.
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