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Morgan "Family" four-seat three-wheeler.

What did the sporting motorist, used to blatting around the lanes in a racey two-seater Morgan, buy when confronted by family life, new-found responsibilities, and a brace of young children? Most likely a sensible saloon car. Enthusiastic types who weren't willing to entirely wave good-bye to the Morgan-owning lifestyle, may though have opted for the car shown below - the late-1920s Morgan "Family" four-seater, also with just three-wheels. The resemblance to the two-seaters is clear to see, although the front panel doesn't have the smart appearance of the two-seater Morgans that feature here, and here.
Steve has these old family photos and kindly scanned them so that they could be featured here on Old Classic Car, which I'm very grateful for.
In the first of his photos, the Morgan is shown at rest, parked in a quiet lane. Registration YC 7872 was part of a Somerset series that ran from 1927 to 1930, thus putting this car at around 1928 or 1929. Two scuttle-mounted lamps provide most of the forward illumination, although a single spotlamp - pointing skywards - is fitted inboard of the n/s/f wing - which also appears to not be quite in the correct shape and position. Perhaps there had been a recent coming-together with a hedge, or with an item of street furniture?! The end of the numberplate also exhibits a minor crease. Note how the bonnet louvres at the forward end receive air directly into the engine bay, while those further back are designed to eject hot air away from the engine.
Two versions of the "Family" model were available, one fitted with an air-cooled engine, the other with a water-cooled unit. I assume this car is one of the latter.
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Morgan Family 4-seater car
Photograph number two is a side-view of the same vintage Morgan, and in it the front wing line looks more like the factory intended. In both photographs the car is shown with its sizeable drop-in side-screens in place, the driver's side having an additional flap. The extra flap enables the driver to poke his or her right hand out and give hand signals while driving along, of the type endorsed by the Highway Code (first published in 1931).
Side view of the Morgan Family car
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