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See Homepage. This page: A further selection of original photos showing the Morris 10/4 Series II.
Original transport photographs
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1. Morris 10/4 reg. DEH 249.

This is the second page to feature a selection of Morris 10/4 (Series 2) car photographs - the first page can be seen here. The Series 2 "Ten-Four" replaced the earlier Pre-Series Morris 10s, featuring up-to-date styling in line with mid/late 1930's design trends.
The first four photographs here feature the same car, a 10/4 Series 2 saloon registration number DEH 249. The car was first registered in the Stoke-on-Trent area of the Midlands, some time after April 1936.
Photograph number 1 is a little grainy, but is interesting as it shows the Morris marooned in the middle of a shallow river. How did it end up in the drink? Sadly no notes accompany the photograph, so we'll never know the answer to that one. A lady and a child are stood on the bank, admiring the Morris' handsome lines - could this lady driver be responsible for depositing the car in this watery spot?
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A classic Morris car parked in a river
The next shot shows the Morris on dry land, with a group of people sat around enjoying a bite to eat. Two people are wearing RAF uniforms, the rest are in civvies. The fitment of wire wheels and the chrome radiator shell confirms that this a Series 2 Morris 10/4 of mid-1936; later in that year a switch to pressed "easiclean" type wheels was made.
Side view of the 10/4
The final two photos of this Morris show the rear end of the car - and its very flat paintwork. The wheels and rear bumper blade are both filthy, yet the hubcap in the centre of the spare wheel glistens brightly. The gent and his lady in RAF uniform are stood behind it, while the rest of the gang are clustered around an unusual pre-war Vauxhall tourer.
Rear view of the Morris 10
Pre-war Morris saloon

2. Morris 10/4 reg. BPT 618.

This next shot is a head-on view of another Morris 10/4 saloon, registration BPT 618. This identifies the car as first having driven the roads of Durham, registered some time after July of 1935.
Another Morris Ten Four saloon car

3. Morris 10/4 Series 2 in Ireland.

An Irish-registered example of a late Series 2 Morris 10 (chrome radiator surround, non-spoked wheels) features next, with a crowd of people sat and stood on this classic 1930s Morris. A child and a lady are perched on the front, while two young lads have emerged from the car's interior up through the sliding roof. A dark-haired chap sat on the Morris' roof is keeping an eye on the two lads, while an older child and another lady lean against the side. What did the poor little Morris do to deserve treatment such as this? It looks to be quite muddy, so evidently not the most cherished of examples!
Morris 10/4 in Ireland

The Series 2 10/4 and 12/4 models.

The 10/4 and 12/4 both shared the same chassis and coachwork, so visually are difficult to tell apart. Both models were fitted with a four cylinder sidevalve engine (the final Series 3 cars were fitted with a Wolseley OHV unit), the 10 engine was 1292cc, the 12 engine a little larger at 1550cc. Tax for these cars, based on the RAC rating system, was 7 GBP 10s and 9 GBP respectively (1935 rates). Both had three speed gearboxes as standard at first, although in 1936 the option of a four-speed 'box was offered, and this became standard fitment in 1937.
The majority of Series Two cars were six-light, four-door saloons like the car shown above. However there was also a smart two-door fixed-head-coupe, also sometimes referred to as the Doctor's Coupe, and/or the Special Coupe.
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