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Morris Oxford Six.

Two very similar snapshots of a Sussex-registered (PO 8882) Morris Oxford Six open this page. In both, the car is shown parked at the side of a quiet street, "somewhere in England". A pair of well-dressed ladies pose with the six-cylinder Morris in photo number one, the younger of the two stood alongside the car, while her elder chooses the more comfortable option. Visible on the headlight bar is a badge for the Company of Veteran Motorists, an organisation formed in 1932 to promote courteous and safe motoring.
A short distance away, behind the stationary Morris, a contemporary Vauxhall saloon can be seen pulling out of a side road. While there is a road sign, I can't make out what it says sadly, despite re-scanning the scene at a much higher resolution.
Dirty tyres suggest that the Morris may have recently spent time in a field. They do at least bear evidence of tread though, not something that can be said about the spare wheel, mounted on the car's nearside wing.
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1934 Morris Oxford Six
Photo two has the younger lady replaced by a gent of similar age to the seated passenger. Presumably the latter took the above shot, and they've swapped roles for this image. The Vauxhall has disappeared now, but otherwise things are much the same. Perhaps the occasion was a run out in a newly-purchased car, for two (grand)parents and their daughter.
A second photo of the Morris Oxford Six
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