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Morris-Commercial LC.

I wish that the old photos included on OCC always came with a few notes describing the scenes, and the people shown within them, yet few of them do. The photo shown below, of an early Morris LC lorry, poses a number of questions that, likely as not, will remain unanswered.
The old lorry I've identified as a Morris LC dropside, with single rear wheel (per side). It's righthand drive and shows no sign of currently being prepared for blackout driving, yet the scene could well be from WW2, or shortly after. The chrome finish on the front bumper is speckled, either with rust, or perhaps by the remains of paint that has now partially flaked off.
The location of this scene is also something of a mystery. Clearly it's in a rail yard somewhere, and the wagons in the background appear to be being used for troop transport. A number of soldiers are milling around in the background, and a number are peering out from within the wooden wagons. Scribbled in chalk on one of the nearest wagons next to its door, is the legend "The Lionz Den", and the cheery expressions on most of the people's faces suggests an optimistic mood. The gent in the centre, in the lighter clothing, looks particularly grimy - maybe he'd been tasked with keeping the Morris running.
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A 1930s Morris LC
If anyone can shed more light on the scene, please drop me a line.
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