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Two old photos of lorries turned up together. One features in it a rare pre-war "Manchester" lorry (the second photo to feature on this page). In that shot, another vehicle can just be seen, over to the left. The second photo is of that vehicle, and confirms that it's a Morris-Commercial, also of the 1930s in date. The registration, AV 8438, is from an Aberdeenshire series that enjoyed a long run, from 1926 through to 1938.
In the foreground, a lady and gent can be seen, the former encouraging her small dog to play tricks. The elderly gent stares at the camera, clutching his pipe.
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Morris-Commercial lorry in Scotland
The "snub nose" style of this Morris points to it being of forward-control layout, with the engine nestled between the front seats. The split opening window, on the driver's side only, can be seen in this view, as can the dipped front bumper which enabled a starting handle to be used. The partly-exposed steering column and box can also be made out, just to the left of the radiator grille.
The old cast numberplate is also of interest. So many restored lorries have incorrect (for the era) plates fitted to them. A close look at this vehicle's plate shows the distinctive "4" digit, with the small "kick" to the left at its base - something you rarely see today. While the Manchester in the other photo doesn't look like it's moved in a while, the Morris - perhaps the older lorry's replacement - looks ready for a day's hard work.
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