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See Homepage. This page: An intriguing old photograph that features a veteran car of some kind outside a garage.
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The Southampton Motor Exchange.

This ancient photograph throws up more questions than answers, but hopefully someone will be able to add background information on the car shown below, and/or the establishment outside which it is parked. A large sign announces the "Southampton Motor Exchange" who were, we're told, "Specialists In Previously Owned Motor Cars". What the remainder of that sign, or the other smaller signs say I can't make out.
The vehicle sports a sign for "1900". Perhaps this car dealer was operating at a time when a 1900-built machine was reasonably modern, or else the photo is later - say from the 1920s - and the old crock was simply brought in to attract some attention? The front wheels on the vehicle are quite distinctive-looking so hopefully will help its identification (I'm sure I've seen similar before), as will the prone seating position for at least one of the veteran car's passengers. No notes accompany this photograph sadly.
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The Motor Exchange
Online I found a reference to the Southampton Motor Exchange, in a document dating to 1935 which I'm sure is much more recent than the date of this image. It claims that a Mr Charles Sadler Probyn Ashby, of 32 Ampthill Road in Southampton, had previously operated as a motor trader at 92 Bedford Place in Southampton, trading as The Southampton Motor Exchange.
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