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See Homepage. This page: A mocked-up scene where a member of the public is photographed 'riding' a classic motorcycle.
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Mock-up of a motorcyclist and its rider.

These photographer's sets would regularly be found at the seaside, country fairs, village fetes and fairgrounds. Often they'd feature scenes of people in bathing costumes, complete with knobbly knees and so on. Some though featured motoring scenes, either on two- or four-wheels, this being an example that incorporates an off-road motorcycling scene.
The chap poking his head through from the rear of this wooden set, is captured on film "riding" a classic trials, or scramble, motorcycle (BSA?). Neither the date nor the location of this photograph are known sadly, but chances are it was at a popular seaside destination such as Blackpool, or Skegness, at some time in the 1930s - 1950s. Often photographs of this type would have the photographer's studio details printed on the rear of the image, but there are no such clues attached to this classic motorcycling scene.
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Scene depicting a rider on a motorcycle
Pre-war images featuring members of the public photographed with mock-ups of vintage and veteran cars, can be found on both this page and also this page.
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