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Clothing for the Motorist.

Clothing for motor-car drivers
Many owner-drivers and chauffeurs in the 1920s had to make do with open-topped motorcars, exposed to rain, sleet, snow and low flying pigeons. Despite the cars having fairly low maximum speeds, it could soon get wet and chilly while battling to keep your automobile heading in the right direction, so suitable clothing was a must. All manner of headgear, coats, rugs and foot warmers were dreamt up by enterprising businesses across the land.
The leaflet here was produced by Brown Bros., and features some of the motoring-related clothing that they could offer to garages and agents working for the pioneer motorists. Some of the garments are described as Dust Clothing, and for good reason. Many roads were little more than unmade lanes and tracks, and the dust kicked up by the motorist was proving to be a real issue, not just to the motorist and his/her passengers, but also those living or walking alongside these new highways. Also included in this leaflet are garments suited to the oily-nailed mechanic, who was entrusted to keep his client's motor-car in fine fettle. Cyclists and motor-cyclists are not forgotten either. Anyone with a vintage car should really dress in the appropriate style, so hopefully this page will give some fashion tips! Click on any of the following thumbnails to see larger versions of each scan.
Motorist Clothing "Clothing for the Motorist. A range of superior quality garments. Latest prevailing styles executed by fully experienced hands. You can recommend these items to your customers with complete confidence". This page features a blue Commercial Driver's Overcoat, Holland Cap Covers, and a Blue Commercial Livery Suit, comprising both jacket and breeches. Very dapper!
Motorist Clothing "Stylishly cut, roomy garments from finest quality materials". The three 'models' on this page are displaying the Gent's Double-Breasted Crash Motor Dust Coat, with deep Prussian collar, the Chauffeur's Double-Breasted Dust Coat, and the Gent's Single-Breasted Crash Motor Dust Coat, also with Prussian collar and detachable buttons.
Motorist Clothing "Let your customer know that you can supply their Motor Clothing". Three more choices on offer here, starting with the Double-Breasted Twill Motor Dust Coat, priced at 19/6, plus the Double-Breasted Poplin Dust Coat ("Well Made"), and the Gent's Blue D.B. Alpaca Dust Coat.
Cyclist Clothing Modelled by a smart cyclist stood alongside his sporting bicycle, the Tweed Cycling Suit - "Two-piece Suits in Fancy Grey Tweeds. JACKET: Button 3, two side and one out breast patch pockets; half belt at the back, D.B. lapels. KNICKERS: Full cut with double seat extending under crutch. Band and buckle knees. Two side and one hip pockets."
Motorcyclist Clothing "Duco Motor-Cyclists Suits. Garments of good cut and finish in which full confidence can be placed. Hard wearing and perfectly weatherproof". On the left is the Duco No.3, "Special heavyweight suits in very best quality fine cashmere, rubber proofed and lined stout untearable beaverteen ... Guaranteed storm-proof in roughest weather". Also, the Duco No.2, apron-fronted with semi-seat trousers of a new design.
Engineers' Clothing Alongside a stylish lady sporting a tweed coat, three items of interest to the motor engineer. First, the Single-Breasted Garage Cleaning Coat, in strong khaki Drill, the Engineer's Combination Boiler Suit, "in blue Dungaree and brown denim ... one breast and one rule pocket, fly fronts, stand collar, strap and buckle", and thirdly the Engineer's Blue Motor Overalls.
Motoring gauntlets Features the Men's Best Split Reindeer Gauntlet, the Gent's Asbestol Horsehide Glove (wool lined), the Men's Black Asbestol Horsehide Gauntlet, the Lady's or Gent's Tan Cape (lined in Llama wool), the Men's Tan Leather Gauntlet, the Men's Reindeer Asbestol Horsehide Gauntlets, and finally the Men's Reindeer Asbestol Horsehide Gauntlets fitted with warm knitted wrists.
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