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A snow-covered Nash.

Fortunately this photo, one of several I bought in a batch from the USA, has a couple of pencilled notes on the reverse. One identifies this car as a mid-1920s Nash (a two-door sedan), and also dates the scene to 20th December 1928. Another addition reads "K14682", it doesn't seem to fit with vehicle registrations in America so may refer to something else.
No more details of this winter's scene are given, the Nash is well covered in snow and is parked in a decidedly rural location.
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A snow-covered Nash
I'm hoping that a positive identification of the model shown might be forthcoming after posting this onto the site. In 1925, Nash introduced an "entry level" range that sold, briefly, under the Ajax brand. Sales improved after mid-1926 when the range was brought into the parent Nash sales catalogue, the cars now being sold as the Nash Light Six. Owners of Ajax cars could request a conversion kit from Nash, at no expense, to update their cars with Nash features (for examples badges and hubcaps), in a bid to maintain the secondhand values of cars originally sold as Ajax. Quite which model of Nash shown here is I'm not yet sure, probably a Light Six. Radiator shells, and badges, vary slightly throughout the 1920s, I'd estimate that this example dates to 1926 or 1927.
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