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Nash Convertible Coupe.

Two photographs of this New York-registered Nash turned up a few years ago. While the licence plate, or tag, dates to the mid-1930s, I think the car itself is a little older - probably 1929 or 1930 in date. It's certainly a good-looking old motor, especially in this Convertible Coupe form with its two-seat coachwork, and folding roof, sat on neatly-pinstriped wooden-spoke wheels. A real "bobby dazzler", probably my favourite era of American car. Perhaps the only thing that lets it down a little, to me anyway, is the angular shape of the windscreen surround. The rear "dickey", or "rumble", seat is opened out, so perhaps the owner had just got back from a spin down the road with his family.
I wonder if the family dog, whose kennel can just be made out in the background, occupied the rumble seat?
A note scribed on the rear of the photo, simply says "The Wreck" - a little harsh surely!!?
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1929 Nash Convertible
Photo number two of the same car, has it parked in a different position, again with the roof folded down. Here, a handwritten note on the reverse simply states "The Car" - the owner(s) clearly weren't prone to over-describing things. I wonder what they'd make of their family snapshot, taken over eighty years ago, not only still surviving, but now being visible to the world?
A second photo of the same car

"Twin Ignition" for the Nash "400" range.

In 1929, Nash had three cabriolets on offer in their "400" range, which I think this is an example of. There was the Standard Six ($1138), the Special Six ($1563) and the Advanced Six ($1906). Advertising of the day for the 400 Cabriolets was gushing, as you'd expect, especially with regard to its novel Twin Ignition arrangement:
"Anyone who has driven the Nash "400", with the Twin-Ignition motor, knows that Nash engineering has made motoring more enjoyable.
"Here is the old-time, first-car thrill, recaptured again, in the smooth, quiet, responsive rhythm of Twin Ignition power - in Twin Ignition's velvety pick-up - in Twin Ignition's instantaneous change of pace from one road speed to a higher one - in the stamina and reserve energy of Twin Ignition power, especially noticeable on a difficult climb.
"By actual test, the same Nash motor, with Twin Ignition, instead of a single spark plug per cylinder, produces 22% more power, 5 miles per hour more speed, 2 extra miles from a gallon of gasoline.
"And this is only one of the many brilliant "400" advancements. Nash engineering has developed the "World's easiest driving control". Bijur Centralized Chassis Lubrication oils 29 chassis bearings at the pressure of a pedal. Houdaille and Lovejoy hydraulic shock absorbers have a Nash outboard mounting which makes more certain their control of road irregularities.
"Let nothing prevent you from having a ride in the Nash "400". Any Nash dealer will cheerfully supply the car.
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