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Engine Superchargers.

Conversions to the Austin A35 948cc engine.

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The letter shown here was sent to a prospective company by North Downs Engineering Company Ltd, after an enquiry about supercharging his Austin A35 road car.

The letter was dated 16th March, 1959.

"Thank you for your enquiry of the 10th instant in connection with supercharging your Austin A35.

"We are pleased to inform you that we have produced an installation for the Austin A35 which has proved most satisfactory. We have please in enclosing herewith details of the construction and operation of Godfrey-Nordec Installations, and would mention that each installation is specially designed for the appropriate engine and is complete in every way.

"As you are no doubt aware supercharging greatly increases the power output of any I.C. engine. These low-pressure installations are designed to provide a reasonable increase in bhp but in particular to increase engine torque in the lower and middle speed ranges thus providing greatly improved acceleration and hill-climbing without overstressing the engine, so enabling higher than average speeds to be maintained without the use of maximum RPM. Naturally maximum speed is increased, and what is perhaps more important, becomes readily attainable.
The following test figures clearly indicate the degree of improvement in acceleration:-

Acceleration Standard S/charged
0-30mph 7.0secs 5.3secs
0-40mph 11.5secs 8.2secs
0-50mph 18.6secs 12.6secs
0-60mph 30.3secs 20.0secs
0-70mph n/a 34.5secs
Nordec superchargers
Nordec superchargers

"The supercharger once fitted operates automatically and requires no tuning or attention other than normal engine maintenance. Insofar as no alterations or modifications are carried out to the engine it retains a high degree of reliability. The supercharged engine whilst giving greatly increased output is completely docile, starting, slow running, etc are unaffected but greater smoothness is evident throughout. The installation for the Austin A35 fits neatly into the existing engine layout and is accomodated beneath the bonnet without any major alterations to body or chassis.

"The installation can be supplied in kit form which includes all necessary parts and full instructions. Fitting can be carried out by any reasonably competent mechanic. Alternatively, we can undertake to fit the installation at any time to suit your convenience. Our charge for this work is 9.0s.0d and we should require the car for 2/3 days. The price of the complete installation is 92.10s.0d ex works, and delivery at the present time is 5 days. For your information we now operate a Hire Purchase (Credit Sales) Scheme.

"We trust this information will be of interest to you, and that we shall have the pleasure of receiving your further instructions."

So, fitting a supercharger to your A30 or A35 wasn't going to be a cheap operation, but with the 0-60 time being lowered by a whopping 10 seconds, it was clearly an interesting option for anyone who wanted a fast road car, or who planned to race their little Austin.

North Downs Engineering Company (Nordec) Ltd were manufacturers of the Godfrey-Nordec supercharger installations, and operated from Westway, Caterham, in Surrey. I can't find any record of this period tuning company still being in existence, can anyone shed light on what happened to them?

If you want to find out more about this particular supercharger, have a look at the Marshall-Nordec supercharger diagram and information page.
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