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See Homepage. This page: Drop-head version of an early 1930s six-cylinder Opel 2.0 liter, in drop-head guise.
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Opel 2.0 litre two-door cabriolet.

A fairly unusual German car now, in the shape of a circa 1934 Opel 2.0 Litre cabriolet, in LHD form. Except for the headlamps, which to me look a little oversize, it's a good-looking motor with its neatly-executed roof, flowing wings, whitewall tyres, and shallow windscreen with its gently curved side pillars. The "6" badge can be seen on its grille, as can another smaller emblem which may well have been fitted by the supplying dealer. Two large spot- or fog-lamps are also fitted.
Can anyone shed light on the car's registration? While the car is German, the photograph is printed on "Gevaert Ridax" photographic paper, which is a Belgian brand, yet licence plates in Belgium at the time (early 1930s) featured red numbers, on a white background.
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Opel 2.0 Cabriolet in the 1930s
The 2.0 Litre made its debut in January 1934, along with the visually very similar 1.3 Litre. The larger-engined of the two models was initially available as a four-door "limousine" (saloon), or as a two-door, four-seater, cabriolet, with one window per side, as shown above. In August of that year, longer wheelbase alternatives to the standard saloons and cabriolets were brought to market, and sold alongside the original cars. Six-seater saloons and Cabrio-Limousines were amongst the new offerings. 1935 would see yet more expansion to the 2.0 range, including cabriolets with two windows per side, again on the longer chassis. The model continued in production until mid-1937, by which time over 52,000 examples had been produced. Its successor, the Super Six, had already been in production for a number of months.
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Of a similar era to this car, are the first versions of the popular Olympia range, examples of which may be found on this page of the gallery - the family resemblance is very evident.

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