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See Homepage. This page: Original images of pedal-propelled vehicles in various countries, excluding bicycles and children's cars.
Original transport photographs
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Powered by pedals.

Pedal vehicles appear on a number of pages already, this page for instance features children's pedal cars, while bicycles also have their own, growing, section of the site. This page though will feature original photographs of pedal-assisted vehicles that don't quite fit into either of the previous categories, in that they're not necessarily designed for youngsters only, and nor are they bicycles in the traditional sense. They tend to relate to holidays and holiday camps

1. Pedal-assisted buggy.

I believe that this first scene was captured on film somewhere on mainland Europe, quite possibly Belgium or France. Three adults are shown sat in an interesting pedal-powered buggy, while a gent behind them takes a closer look at their compact vehicle. Various pedestrians can be seen meandering along a promenade behind them. The buggy sports a natty two-tone paint job, and judging by the paintwork on its front panels, not all of its drivers were necessarily the most accurate when it came to parking, and negotiating stationary objects. The simple front bumper has definitely led something of a hard life, note the dummy radiator grille, and painted-on headlamps. I assume that these pedal-assisted vehicles, like deckchairs, would have been offered for daily hire. The photograph has been printed on Velox paper.
A sign in the background reads: "CH. PYLYSER-PENTY" or possibly "CH. PYLYSER-RENTY" (Renty is the name of a small town in the Pas-de-Calais region).
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Pedal-powered car/buggy

2. 1940's quadricycle at a holiday camp.

The next shot was quite possibly taken at a British holiday camp in the 1940s or 1950s - note the pre-war Morris Eight parked in the background, outside a chalet. The star of this photo though is a pedal quadricycle, which is equipped with two sets of handlebars (although only the furthermost set appears to do the steering) and seating for two adults (plus children at a squeeze). There is a sign attached to the front of this machine, but alas I can't make out much of the lettering other than what looks like "NORTON" (!) along the lower edge.
1930s quadricycle at a holiday camp

3. A three-wheeled conveyance.

Very similar to the quadricycle shown above, but with only one front wheel, is this next creation, again photographed outside a holiday let probably in the 1950s. In the background is an example of Austin 8/10 van, a real rarity in itself. Three youths are posed on the tricycle, ready to pedal away. The young lad holds the functioning handlebars, while the girl doesn't bother with her dummy 'bars (missing one of its grips I see).
A pedal tricycle outside a holiday cottage/chalet

4. Tricycles at Munday's Caravan Park in Bognor.

Thanks to John now for the following three family photographs, all taken at Munday's Caravan Park (on the A29) in Bognor Regis during the late 1940s. All three photographs portray members of his family sat on three-wheeled cycles similar to that shown above. The first sees John sat between his parents at the caravan site - interesting old caravans can be seen in the background of each photo, something no doubt of interest to the historic caravanning fraternity.
Tricycle at a 1940s caravan park
The second and third of John's photos are a couple of years later, note the revised signwriting on the Munday's sign, and again the interesting assortment of old 'vans in the background. Very atmospheric - thanks again for emailing them over. More photos featuring caravans at this camping site, can be found on the classic caravan photos page.
Another old trike
Munday's Caravan Park in Bognor Regis
Hopefully more photos similar to these will turn up in time, and can be added to this page.
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