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Thousands of old photographs can be found across this site. This is the fifth page that specifically groups together photographs of people and vehicles, where the former were likely to have been the real subjects of the photos, cars and other vehicles appearing but in the background or in a supporting role only. In many cases, identifying the vehicles in view hasn't been possible, although in some enough detail is visible to have a fair stab at pinning a make and/or model name to the car(s) or van(s) being shown. All corrections, or identifications of vehicles not yet identified, welcome as always.

1. A shy Ford Model T.

The first few photographs on this page came from America. The first shows a couple and a young child, no names are given sadly. Hiding in the background, behind a tree, is Ford's "Tin Lizzie", the once-ubiquitous Model T.
(Please click the thumbnail to view the full-size image.)
Three people and a Model T Ford

2. 1953, a family and their first new car, a Chevrolet.

This and the next photo came from the same family it seems, given that identical names are written by - apparently - the same hand on both. The children are named as Char (5yrs) and Doris (3yrs). The car in the background is a 1953 Chevrolet, the family's first new car. Their attire suggests that it was a particularly chilly day. Here the developer used Kodak Velox photographic paper.
1953 Chevrolet

2. The same family in 1954.

Following on from the above photo, we're now in 1954 (June to be precise) and the family's elder daughter named Emily celebrates her Confirmation. Doris (4) and Char (6) again appear, this time in summer clothing. Is that the same car behind them? I assume so, given that only a few months can have passed since they photographed their new car (above). This is a Kodacolor print, printed during the week of June 7th 1954 according to a stamp on the reverse side.
It's a shame I think that these photos end up being split from the family that they originally belonged to. The passage of time is usually the simple reason, allied perhaps to a lack of descendants for them to be passed onto. Still a shame though, the only saving grace is that they do at least survive still and haven't been consigned to the bin, a common fate for old photos such as these.
The same 1953 Chevrolet

3. Three people and another Chevrolet.

Another US photograph with a crinkly profile to the picture's edges, possibly from the same source. The car - another Chevrolet - is a different example though, perhaps the distinctive swooping side trim will help confirm its age? Snow lies on the ground, which explains the trio's wintry garb. The chap in the middle appears to be sticking out his tongue, very uncouth behaviour :-)
Three people and another Chevrolet

4. Chucky and Gary with the latter's car.

1950's America is, once again, the background to the following black and white photo. Two people, Chucky (aged 8) and Gary (aged 19) are shown with this car, the latter being its no-doubt proud owner, probably his first automobile. No more information is known. Can anyone i.d. the four-door car for me please?
A parked car in the 1950s

5. Two pictures of a man with a van.

In all, three very similar photographs turned up that feature people with the same delivery van, two of which are shown below. The first shows a young chap, in uniform, stood with the unidentified signwritten vehicle. Only part of the livery is visible, the company name begins "Lothe....", and the telephone number "RI.35...", which may offer a few clues as to the likely location of these photos, and perhaps the company that the man worked for. Perhaps "RI" relates to Rhode Island?
A man with his van
The second photo shows the same van, with a different group of people stood close to it.
Another photo of the same van

6. A group of people with an early motor-car.

Back to the UK now for the following photos. The era looks like the 1920s to me, or possibly slightly earlier even. A few details of the vehicle are visible, but whether it's enough to help identify the touring car I'm not sure. Perhaps the shape of the scuttle, and the three small "windows" set into the rear of the car's folding roof, will help. The spare wheel has had me scratching my head - is there one wheel, with the tyre only partially fitted to it? Or are there two wheels, with just the inner rim clothed in a tyre?
People enter a car in the 1920s

7. A Rolls-Royce at Tan Hill Inn, Yorkshire.

If there was an award for the worst-framed photograph of the 20th Century, this may well be in the running for a podium spot. Three people, two ladies and a gent, are photographed with a pre-war Rolls-Royce alongside a sign for Tan Hill, "England's Highest Inn". The Tan Hill Inn is still very much in business, happily, and is situated high up in the Yorkshire Dales, where it has served fine ales to locals and travellers alike since the 17th Century. It lays claim to being the highest pub in Britain, being 1,732 feet above sea level. What does the name Arthur Stell on the sign relate to? I wonder if the R-R owner in the photo was the inn's owner at the time, or just a passing visitor?
A Rolls-Royce at Tan Hill Inn in Yorkshire

8. Caught in the act of crossing a road.

The rear of a British van, registration HYH 295, gate-crashed what must have been a snapshot of the two ladies who happened to be crossing a road at the time. The HYH registration series was introduced in January 1947, in London. The two women can't have been posing in the middle of a road for the photographer. More likely, the eager snapper caught the ladies on film as they were walking along minding their own business. Quite often, say in seaside resorts or other touristy areas, photographers would roam the streets, taking photos of pedestrians going about their business. They'd then offer to print the photo(s) for the subject(s) caught on film for a small fee, to act as a souvenir of their visit.
No information on the photographer, the location, nor the ladies is given. There's a sign in the background above a shop advertising Clifton's Chocolates. And the van? Jowett's Bradford had unusually large rear windows, but these are larger again.
Two ladies, plus a van
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