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1913-1916 Perry light car.

This isn't the first time that a Perry light car of the vintage era has appeared on OCC, as on this page which features a rare Austin Whippet aircraft in it, the bi-plane is shown with a twin-cylinder Perry that's not too dissimilar to the car shown below. Garage paperwork from 1920 also refers to work done to a Perry at the Queensberry Motor Works, in Dumfries, Scotland.
The photo shown here was posted by Jeremy onto the OCC Facebook page some time ago, and was recently identified on there by Varun, as a Birmingham-built c1913-1916 Perry 8hp Roadster. The registration appears to be OA 3215 or OA 3315, from a Birmingham series that only ran from 1913 to 1915. The people in the car are Jeremy's uncle, and his uncle's mother, the photo dates to around 1915 or so.
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1913-1916 Perry car
Jeremy adds: "The little boy with his mother in the picture, taken about 1915, is my uncle, Jack Moulder. He married my mother's sister. His father W J Moulder, who would have taken this picture, had the Cross Keys Garage in Hagley, Worcestershire, and Jack grew up to be the son in the business, W J Moulder & Son. My late cousin Patrick (Jack's son) and I were teenagers in the early 1960s, and very interested in cars. We and our gang of like-minded friends used the garage as a meeting place, and did all sorts of tinkering there with old and dodgy vehicles."
Sighting of an 8hp Perry must have been a relatively unusual experience even back in the day. Cars were only produced between 1913 and 1916, powered by a twin-cylinder water-cooled engine of the firm's own design and build. Approximately 800 in all were built, and two wheelbase options were offered, the longer of the two allowing for a rear dickey seat to be installed. Before diversifying into the production of this cycle-car, the firm produced bicycles and powered tricycles. According to the Georgano reference book, there was also a sporty-looking variant of the 8hp offered. This version utilised the same engine, in the same state of tune, but had a more raked steering column and a shortened gearlever to give it more rakish looks, enabling it to hit "close on 40 mph".
In 1914 a four-cylinder 11.9hp car was introduced, this sold in similar numbers (around 700 in this case) and continued in production until 1916 also.
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