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Peugeot 203.

The year is 1961, the location is Luxembourg, and the car in this original b&w photograph is a Peugeot 203 saloon. Ad Fahner kindly emailed over this image, his step-mother (Jo Fahner-Petri) is shown sat behind the car's steering wheel, at what looks like a picnic or rest stop. The photo illustrates nicely the rear-hinged front doors that featured on the 203, and indeed the colourfully-patterned door trim inside this particular car.
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Peugeot 203
The 1290cc 203 was introduced shortly after WW2, in 1948, as a replacement for the 202. It was to be the first all-monocoque construction Peugeot car, initially available only as a four-door saloon, and was joined in the dealerships later by an appealing estate-car version, and a load-lugging van. For the 1952-1953 season a two-door coupe was offered, but sales were slow for this variant and production soon halted. Cabriolets and coupes would though be offered by outside coachbuilders. In 1959, the distinctive raised lion mascot at the forward edge of the bonnet, was replaced by a smoother affair in a nod to pedestrian safety. The car in Ad's photo shows the replacement type, thus dating his family's 203 at some point between 1959, and the 203's production demise, in February 1960.
Thanks for sending the photo over.

A French-registered 203.

The following exciting scene features two French classics in it - a Peugeot 203 saloon, and the angular rear end of a corrugated Citroen H van (round arch version). The 203 sports a "F"rench country plate, and the registration 400 BJ 67. Note the curved roof rack, that matches the swooping lines of the Peugeot's roofline.
Perhaps the car's owner had popped into the Au Tilleul (hotel/restaurant?) for a swift beverage, maybe a cooling glass of Biere Schutzenberger even?
Peugeot 203 outside a hotel
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