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Peugeot 202.

A classic car that hails from France now, the streamlined Peugeot 202 in its most popular guise, as a four-door saloon, or Berline. Leo snapped this example while pedalling around Utrecht in 1958. Judging by the shining paintwork, this was a well-tended example, with only the grubby hubcaps and slightly tatty front numberplate letting the side down slightly. By the mid-1930s, many car manufacturers were looking to introduce aerodynamic touches to their cars' styling. Just as Chrysler did with their Airflow model, Peugeot integrated the wings more closely with the main coachwork. Peugeot's designers also removed the running boards that cars of the early 1930's would have sported, fitted near-flush door handles and rear wheel spats, and located the headlights beneath the swooping radiator grille, 302-style.
The end result was a distinctive and eye-catching machine, a world away in appearance from what many mainstream car manufacturers were churning out at the time and offering the small-car buyer.
Leo's photo is a real snapshot in time. Behind the 202 is an early 6-volt VW Beetle, with the split oval rear window, while all around pedestrians and cyclists mill around, going about their business.
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Production of the new car began in January 1938. In addition to the four-door saloon, a two-door convertible would also be offered later, while from 1947 to 1949 a "woodie" estate car, or Break, also featured in Peugeot dealers' windows. Small-business owners could also specify a handy van variant.
Most saloons featured a steel sliding sunroof, as the example above shows. For the final year of production, 1949, a pared-down version of the 202 was launched, deleting this and several other features usually to be found. This base model was called the 202 Affaires. Buyers opting for the Affaires had to accept skinnier tyres and no in-car heater, in addition to the deletion of the aforementioned sliding roof.
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