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Humber Pig Mk2 thumbnail.

1950s Humber Pig Mk2.

Used for bomb disposal purposes is this amazing looking Humber Pig which first saw service with the Army in December 1953. For eleven years it sat in an Army store until it was sent to Rootes in Manchester where it was converted from a one ton utility truck into a Mk1 APC (or Armoured Personnel Carrier). In 1969 it was sent to Northern Ireland and thats where it finished its military life. By 1994 it had been converted into a Mk2 Pig and was finally struck off in November of that year. It is now preserved. The engine is a B60 6 cylinder petrol engine by Rolls-Royce giving it a top speed of 50mph-ish.

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Photos of Humbers and other collector's vehicles.

Humber Pig Mk2 picture.
  • Pig Mk2 from Humber.
  • From the: 1950s.
  • Colour(s): Green.
The photo on this page of the classic Pig Mk2 from Humber is one of several thousand images to be found across oldclassiccar. This picture is one of 105 that feature in this particular set, which contains miscellaneous images taken at a variety of events since 1990. Some of them were scanned from traditional print photographs and as such aren't the same quality as those that were taken on my digital camera.

Unless stated otherwise, the photos in this miscellaneous set were taken by myself - thumbnails of the other 104 can be found on the Antique vehicle photographs page. To see a list of all the image collections, and maybe find more examples of Pig Mk2s, please visit the main car & other vehicles photo page.

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