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Sunbeam Talbot 3 litre saloon thumbnail picture.

Sunbeam Talbot 3 litre saloon.

This model was introduced in 1938. Only 216 of this exact model were produced before WW2 halted production. Only three are known to survive now - what a shame as I think they are stunning looking cars. This car (FXN 503) was delivered to its lucky buyer in May 1939. The engine is a six cylinder unit of sidevalve design. Hydraulic brakes keep this 1.5 ton vehicle out of trouble.

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Picture showing a classic Sunbeam Talbot, one of 135 images in this set.

Photo of Sunbeam Talbot 3 litre saloon at oldclassiccar.
  • The 3 litre saloon, built by Sunbeam Talbot.
  • First built/registered in the 1930s.
  • Finished in: Black.
Several thousand photos feature in the various galleries here at oldclassiccar. If you're interested in Sunbeam Talbots, whether just the 3 litre saloon shown here, or other models in addition to 3 litre saloons, then it is worth looking at the other photos in this set of 135 motoring images, and also on the main photos page where details of all the image collections are held.

Most of the photographs in this set were taken during 2007, either at shows, road runs or in museums. A small number were also sent over to me by visitors to this site, for which I'm very grateful. If you have a photograph that you've taken, showing a vehicle that doesn't yet feature on this site, it'd be great to see it. If you own an example of Sunbeam Talbot 3 litre saloon and would like to see it featured in the Your Cars elsewhere on the site, then by all means get in touch too!

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