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Pioneer Garage.

While many garages that once supported the early motorists in Britain, have long since disappeared, a healthy number can still be spotted, not always in pristine condition but at least they survive still. The Pioneer Garage, spotted in August 2015, is just such an example. Located on the road out to St Dogmaels, close to the bridge in Cardigan, Pembrokeshire, Pioneer Garage survives but is no longer in use. A company of the same name still operates in the town, but on the other side of the River Teifi.
The roofing material, simple corrugated metal sheets, still serve their original purpose although are beginning to suffer. The wooden sign, once proudly displaying the name of the garage, and its most recent proprietors (Lewis and Jones), fades a little more as each year passes. Once upon a time, this modest building would have bustled with activity, mechanics wielding their spanners on a variety of (mainly British-built) motor-cars and motorcycles. Austins, Hillmans, Standards and Fords, to name just a few, would have been regular visitors to this establishment. Given its location, no doubt many interesting old tractors also received attention within the walls of Pioneer Garage.
The Pioneer Garage, in Cardigan
The remains of a Duckhams Oils thermometer/sign dating from the 1980s, clings on to one of the ageing wooden doors.
Viewed from the other end

Gilbarco petrol pump.

At the easterly end of the plot, survives a lone Gilbarco petrol pump from the late 1940s. The paint is peeling, and corrosion is well advanced. Despite this, the pump is still in restorable condition, if anyone ever decides to take on the work. I wonder what vehicle was the last to be served petrol by it?
Gilbarco petrol pump, 1950s
The face of the pump still displays its maker's identity.
Face of the Gilbarco petrol pump
Even the original Gilbarco badge survives, surrounded as it is by cracked and peeling paintwork. While the factories that produced the predominantly-British cars that were regular visitors to this pump in the 1950s, have long since gone, at least the Gilbarco company continues to produce garage-related equipment. It can trace its roots back to 1865, when Charles Gilbert and John Barker of Springfield, Massachusetts, got together and produced a machine to produce and distribute fuel for gas lights. Their first petroleum pump, the T-1, was introduced in 1910. "Gilbarco", as a brand, first appeared in 1929, with sales and servicing being established in the UK during 1945.
Records online point to this pump being installed in 1949, with the business itself being established by Mr Ifor Griffiths, in 1936.
Circular enamel Gilbarco badge

Over the road....

While the future of the original Pioneer Garage is uncertain, the building facing it - of similar style and age - is home to G.T. Tyres, and is clearly in much better condition. Signs of its early history though have made way for more recent fittings.
G.T. Tyres
Photos and information regarding similar survivors would be most welcome.
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