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See Homepage. This page: Front view of a pre-war Plymouth two-door Business Coupe and a lady stood in the snow.
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1937 Plymouth Business Coupe.

Judging by the license tag - or number plate - on the '37 DeLuxe Six Plymouth Business Coupe shown below, this could well be a snowy winter's scene from the state of Indiana. A lady, sporting a fine woolly hat and scarf, agreed to stand alongside the car while the photographer did his bit. Note the border surrounding the license plate, which features the Plymouth script along its upper edge.
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Plymouth Coupe of 1937
In addition to the Business Coupe, buyers stepping into a Plymouth showroom in 1937 could also have opted for a Limousine Sedan, a Seven Passenger Sedan, a Touring Two or Four Door Sedan, the basic Two or Four Door Sedan, the Convertible Coupe, or the Rumble Seat Coupe. Anyone looking to earn their keep with their car could also have chosen a Taxi version. The Business Coupe would have cost $575 in 1937, and was the cheapest model in the range, yet today I'm sure the closed- and open-top Coupes would probably command the strongest prices.
The 1937-year Plymouth DeLuxe Sixes were fitted with the company's P4 engine, a six-cylinder unit displacing 201.3 cubic inches, producing upto 82bhp. In a nod to safety concerns with regard to motor-car design, Chrysler introduced across its various models certain new features such as a flat dashboard, and extra padding to the rear of the front seats, the latter offering the rear seat passengers a little more chance of survival in the event of an accident.
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