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Porsche 912.

All three photographs shown here were taken in the mid-1970s by the car's then-owner, Keith Belcher, a regular correspondent with Old Classic Car and the source of quite a few interesting motor-related photos to feature on OCC. In this trio, it's the turn of his Porsche 912 to feature. At first glance, I'd assumed that it was a 911 (Keith also had a 911E, photos here), plus the badges stuck on the engine cover also suggest that we're looking at a six-cylinder 911, rather than the four-cylinder 912 variant. The 912 was introduced by Porsche to follow on from the outgoing 356 model, the 911 being an altogether more expensive machine, the 912 intended as an entry-level Porsche, much as was the case with the 924 in the 1970s, and the Boxster years later. The car sold well, continuing in production until the new, compact, 914 was ready to go on sale.
The first of Keith's photos is a side-on view of the beige/brown Porsche, amply displaying the "PORSCHE" legend down the body sides, and the Fuchs wheels. It was registered TMD 10F.
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Side view of the Porsche 912
Next, a rear three-quarter view of the 912, with the 911E 2.4 badges in view. The fitment of a rear screen wiper doesn't appear to be a common features of 912s I've seen in other photos.
Porsche 912 rear view
The last of Keith's photos is a rear view of the Porsche, its engine running on what was a wintry, snowy day (not unlike the view out of my window today as I type this).
Rear view of the 912
Great to see the photos Keith!
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