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See Homepage. This page: A rare set of Nestle chocolate trading cards from 1936 featuring drivers and circuits.

1930s Motor Racing.

Malcolm Campbell
I think these wafer-thin cards were designed to be stuck into an album, so thin and easily breakable are they. I have ten of these cards, but I'm unsure whether this is a complete set, or perhaps a part-set? does anyone have more of these Nestlé collector's cards? The set was number 16, named simply 'Automobile', and are numbered 1-10. The rear of the cards say:

Série No.16

Cette image fait partie d'une très jolie collection contenue dans un bel album en vente chez votre fournisseur de chocolat.

which loosely translated says that "this card is one of a fine album set that can be purchased at your local chocolate retailer".

The 10 cards of this Nestlé set from 1936.

Racing cards 1 to 5
The first 5 cards to collect were as follows:
  • 1. Malcolm Campbell
  • 2. Tazio Nuvolari
  • 3. Philippe Etancelin
  • 4. Achille Varzi
  • 5. Louis Chiron
Racing cards 6 to 10
  • 6. Giuseppe Campari
  • 7. Rudolf Carraciola
  • 8. Mrs Stewart
  • 9. Une course à Monte-Carlo
  • 10. L'Autodrome de Montlhéry
It may be that this set only numbered 10 in all, or else there may be further cards out there, featuring more drivers and circuits of the 1930s. If I find any more I'll add them to this page. John dropped me a line after finding this page, he says that typically there would be 12 cards in a set, so I'll need to find the missing pair. He also says that the company ".. also released series in 1939 and 1940, which featured racing cars & land speed record cars". Thanks John.
More cigarette, chocolate and general trading cards will be added to the card collecting section of the site shortly. More about collecting racing memorabilia can be found in the Motor Racing Collectables section.

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