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See Homepage. This page: An American invention from the 1930s, designed to make flushing a car's cooling system more efficient.

The 1930s' Marquette car radiator and block flusher.

This interesting machine from the 1930s was designed primarily for garage-owners, or "service shops", businesses that were always looking for new services to offer their customers. It incorporated a compressor mounted onto a wheeled frame, above which sat a tank for the de-greasing solution. The car's top hose would be removed, and in it's place would be connected the two tubes that connected to the radiator cleaner. A waste pipe from the Marquette diverted the sludge from the engine's cooling system, into the nearest drain.

A typical charge to the customer for this service would have been in the region of $3.50 a time, according to sales publicity of the time put out by the Marquette Mfg Co. of Minneapolis.
Car radiator cleaning machine
In the 1930s many cars were run with just water in their cooling systems, their owners having to remember to drain them off during the winter months. Anti-freeze had yet to be widely adopted by motorists of that era. Failure to drain the water often led to cracked engine blocks, an expensive mistake. The constant exposure of damp water galleries to the atmosphere led to the waterways quickly becoming corroded, so a regular flushing out of the system would have been very sound practice. A pressurised system such as that shown here would have done the job in a fraction of the time, and far more efficiently, than relying on a low-pressure domestic hosepipe shoved into the top of the radiator. However, anyone using the Marquette system would have been well advised to also invest in a set of wing protectors, such as the Bontop wing covers.
As the sales blurb says: "You'll never find a man putting muddy, greasy, lumpy water into his car's cooling system. He doesn't want dirt there, and if it is there he wants it taken out."
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