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See Homepage. This page: A photo from the early 1960's of a singer stood with a very early Renault AX 2-seat tourer.
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Renault AX of 1910.

Although this photo is much later than the Renault itself, it still dates to 1963 so is quite old now, and worth giving a mention to. Looking around, I think this particular vintage Renault, registration A-6, is an AX model, a type that ran from 1908 to 1914 in various forms. The car looked immaculate in the early 1960s, and its owner was in the VCC (Veteran Car Club), so I'm sure it is still around, somewhere or other.
Handily there are a few notes on the back of this press photo - the location was the Hilton Hotel, and the lady alongside was Marion Ryan. I must admit to never having heard of her, but a swift check suggests that she was a very popular singer throughout the 1950's, and regularly featured on both wireless and television. By the early 1960s, with the Merseybeat in full swing, her popularity began to wane and she retired to a quieter life with a new husband. Does anyone remember why this Renault AX was on display at the Hilton?
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A 1910 Renault AX
Information on the Renault AX doesn't seem to be plentiful online, they were produced from 1908, and this example has 2-seater Torpedo coachwork. Many found their way into the hands of French taxi drivers. The engine was a 1060cc twin-cylinder unit, gravity-fed, coupled to a three-speed transmission.
Other pre-war Renault material on the site includes a rare photo of a Renault Primaquatre, and this Renault KJ of the early 1920s.
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