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See Homepage. This page: A distinctive 'coal scuttle' Renault of the mid-teens, with its owner.
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Renault Type EK.

Robert emailed the following two photographs over from his home in Canada, hoping that more information on the vintage car appearing in them might be uncovered. The "coal scuttle" type bonnet reminded me of vintage-era Renaults, but they were not the only firm to produce cars in this style. He then contacted me again, advising that the car - which is shown in the ownership of his Grandfather - has been identified as a circa 1913 or 1914 Renault EK two-seat tourer. Looking around the internet, the EK does seem to be the closest match.
The first photograph captures the front three-quarter view of the car, with its owner sat at the wheel. Both photographs were taken in France, close to Paris. Interestingly the Renault is righthand drive.
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Front view of a vintage Renault car
Photograph number two is a side-on shot of the car. I do wonder if this could be a slightly larger car than the EK, as its wheelbase looks longer than images of other examples I have seen, the EJ being a possibility. However I've yet to find a photo of an EJ with this style of coachwork, so EK seems like the most likely choice unless more clues come out of the woodwork. Can anyone confirm this or an alternative identity?
Renault EK side view
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