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1905 Rolls-Royce.

Despite this photo not being vintage or veteran in itself, as it dates to circa 1960 and is of a rare motor-car, I added it in here. The car in question is XAP 1, a 1905 Rolls-Royce 30hp two-seat tourer, taking part in a veteran car run. This was one of a collection of photos that turned up a little while ago, many of which featured vehicles taking part in the RAC's London to Brighton veteran car rally. Whether this photo was taken on a London to Brighton run, which usually imposes a build date cut-off of 1904, I'm not sure - perhaps it entered by special invitation? Or else maybe it was a different run altogether, organised by the VCC (Veteran Car Club). I think the photo dates to 1960 or thereabouts, a Herald convertible and a Victor F-Type estate can be seen in the background.
The veteran Rolls-Royce roadster is seen at rest, with its occupants on-board. Behind is a 1913 Austin, possibly a 10hp, registration "AJ 23??".
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1905 Rolls-Royce
Limited information on this particular Rolls-Royce can be found online. Built in 1905 on chassis number 26355, XAP 1's first owner apparently was a Mrs Tate, of Sloane Court in London. The car passed through a number of owners' hands, eventually being discovered in parlous condition in rural Australia. Stanley Sears, father of 1960's racing driver Jack Sears, took over ownership of the car and proceeded to have it restored, its rebuild taking five years. A new body, by Jarvis & Son of London, was constructed and fitted to the extensively repaired frame. The car lives on with a collector in Switzerland.
It could well be the sole example of the 30hp model to survive. The car is fitted with a six cylinder engine of 6,126cc, which produces 30bhp at 1,000 rpm. Four cars are believed to have been built, at the company's Trafford Park factory, price 890 GBP.
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