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See Homepage. This page: Two people photographed with a pre-war Rosengart Cabriolet.
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Rosengart LR4N2 Cabriolet.

Frustratingly, this pre-war photo is well stuck to a piece of card that once formed a page in a photo album. As a result, I've no way of knowing whether the reverse side contains any extra information on the car, people and scene shown in it. A forum regular - MikeC - identified the car some time ago as a mid-1930's Rosengart LR4N2, in two-door Cabriolet form, and it's certainly a good-looking small car to my mind.
The car is parked in loose formation with a kerb, in an unidentified French village. Two people are sat in the Rosengart, which - unusually for France - would appear to be a RHD car (note the single windscreen wiper). A lady occupies the passenger seat, while a gent - sporting a very odd item of headgear - concerns himself with something in the rear of the car during the time that the photographer took aim and opened the camera's shutter. Beyond the car, the nearest building boldly promotes "Galeries de la Poste", alongside an entrance to a "Coiffeur" - a hairdresser/barber's shop, situated on the first floor.
Un homme in the background, like the car's occupants, sports a pair of natty sunglasses, pointing to this photo being taken on a bright warm day in France.
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Rosengart LR4N2
The Rosengart car factory began life producing licence-built versions of the British Austin 7, under the watchful eye of the company's founder - Lucien Rosengart, the first cars going on sale in 1928. Over time, the Austin roots in the firm's production cars would gradually become diluted, so much so that the 1936-1939 LR4N2 bore no visual resemblance to the British-based cars that went before, although still sported a compact 747cc sidevalve engine under its bonnet.
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