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See Homepage. This page: Two quality British-built cars of the late 1930s parked together.
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Rover 10hp.

John, after seeing the other early motoring photos featured on the site, was kind enough to forward over copies of some photos he has in his family collection. This photograph shows John's father Leslie - a Rover enthusiast - stood alongside his 1938 Rover 10, circa 1964. The Rover's registration is EKM 277, a Kent number introduced in September 1937. Whereas Rover cars of the 1980s-on were nothing much to write home about, with the 75 being a possible exception, in the pre-war era and through to the 1960s, they were known as quality motor-cars. Equally respected were Lanchesters, an example of which - registration NJ 9810 - is shown parked with the Rover, dating to 1938/1939. Both cars were very well kept, as this picture illustrates.
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1938 Rover 10 parked alongside a Lanchester
The Rover Ten of the 1930s took over from the earlier 10/25 in 1933 and continued in production until 1938, making the car shown above a late-ish example of the breed. Power came courtesy of a four-cylinder engine of 1,389cc. All-steel coachwork replaced the fabric-bodied type seen on the previous Tens, with saloons, coupes and tourers being offered. A four-speed gearbox, with freewheel arrangement, came as standard.
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Other early shots of Rovers on the site include two of a 1948 Rover P2 tourer, taking part in a club rally in 1952.

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