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1950s Royal Enfield registration LNB 655

1950s Royal Enfield picture
1950s Royal Enfield picture
1950s Royal Enfield picture

These motorcycle images, some of those featured on my Classic Motorcycles section at oldclassiccar, were found in an old album that I bought at a car boot sale not long back.

I don't know anything of the owner featured here sadly. The photos clearly show a Royal Enfield motorcycle, I'd guess dating to the late 1940s or early 1950s judging by the sprung saddle.

Also in the same album were several photographs of other bikes, belonging to a small group of bike enthusiasts by the look of things.

The first photograph shows the proud owner sat on his bike, complete with the de rigeur flat cap. Judging by the shine, this motorcycle is very well cared for. LNB is a Manchester registration. The photographs I think once belonged to someone in the Staffordshire area. Included in the photo album is an Active Service addressed envelope, dated 1944, addressed to someone in Kidsgrove, which makes me think that the photos of these old bikes were taken in the North Staffordshire, South Cheshire area, sometime after the war.

The bottom picture shows the owner with his Royal Enfield outside a very basic shed cum workshop, most likely the home of this classic motorcycle. Is LNB 655 still around?

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Update. Hank dropped me an email in 2008, with some more information on the Royal Enfield motorcycle shown above: "I came across your pics of a gent on 1950s Royal Enfield registration LNB 655 on your Old Classic car site. The bike looks like a J2 model with 'twin exhaust ports' and pipes which was produced between 1948 and 1950. The J2 was a spin off of the Model J. The twin exhaust ports were apparently more for looks and did not do much for performance. These bikes were initially export models - as is mine which is in India! They were supposedly side car machines with loads of torque, I don't run a side car although I can vouch for the torquey bit, because the owner before me used his machine to haul wood at times when he went camping and he said that the machine never batted a motorcycle eyelid even when asked to drag the biggest loads!". Thanks Hank!

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