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A late-1920s Scott.

This page will ultimately host a number of period photographs of vintage-era Scott motorcycles. While this site is primarily for old cars, many fans of four-wheeled vehicles also have a soft spot for early motorcycles. Scott motorcycles do actually have a distant link with motor-cars of the early 20th Century, given that prior to about 1910, Scotts were manufactured under licence by the Jowett car company, in Bradford, Yorkshire. During the 1920s, three well-known models went into production - the Squirrel (1922), the Super Squirrel (1925), and the Flying Squirrel (1926).
My thanks to Brian Reid for sending over the following photos of his father's Scott, which I think is a Super Squirrel from 1929 or thereabouts. Regarding this particular motorcycle, Brian adds:
"Here is my Dad's Scott. He bought it some-time before WW2, and in fact was in France with a friend when war was declared! [see photos further down the page]. He used it to go to work (at Percivals located at Luton Airport - where he was involved in the construction of quite a few Mosquitos) and for his night-time volunteer job as an ARP warden. He later added a sidecar after I appeared!"
(Please click the thumbnail to view the full-size image.)
1929 Scott Super Squirrel motorcycle
The above machine was registered KX5956, a March 1928 to March 1933 series issued in Buckinghamshire.

A trip around France undertaken in 1939.

Shortly after publishing the above photo, Brian dropped me a line again with several more pre-war snapshots of the same motorcycle. They were taken on a trip to France undertaken by Brian's dad (on the Scott) and a friend (riding an Ariel), in 1939. As Brian mentioned above, the two motorcyclists were still in France when war was declared!
The first photo shows the two gents and their motorcycles at a French quayside. Both machines are well laden with camping equipment, and other related holidaying essentials. Two early cars are parked in the background. Is anyone confident enough to offer identifications for either, or both? The lefthand car sports white-walled tyres on its spoked wheels, and a distinctively-shaped boot. The second car has dumb irons on the roof.
The Ariel is registered ADW 441, a Newport (Monmouthshire) registration from 1936. A small badge (RAC?) or mascot has been fitted to the front mudguard, as has a Union Jack flag to the registration plate. (More period photos of Ariels may be found on that marque's own photo page: link).
A GB plate can also be seen fitted to the Scott, beneath the rear plate.
The Scott and Ariel together
Both bikes are captured on film here at rest in a mountainous region, presumably the Alps. Map holders appear to have been fitted to the handlebars on both bikes.
Touring France in 1939
A snapshot of the Ariel on its own now.
1936 Ariel
Finally, a head-on view of the Scott, back in the UK (Brian's dad lived in Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire, for most of the 1930s). Note the wartime blackout regulations that were in force by this time (made mandatory on September 1st 1939). The photo at the top of the page shows the Scott fitted with a slotted headlamp cover, here it has a different style of shield fitted. An RAC member's badge is also fitted.
Two cars, both prepared for the blackout, are also in view. Behind the motorcycle is a Morris 8, equipped with a radiator muff (cover) for use in winter, it too has headlamp covers fitted. I'm not quite sure what the car to the right is - possibly a Wolseley 8, shown pulling out of a driveway. Note the edges of the wings that have been painted white, as per regulations.
1936 Ariel

Another vintage example.

Long-term forum member Peter Scott posted the following image onto the forum back in 2009, and agreed to it being included here also. Here his father is shown sat astride his brother's motorcycle, a machine very similar to that shown in Brian's photo. Great stuff, thanks for that. I don't know a great deal about these bikes, but again it looks to be a Squirrel, or Super Squirrel. If anyone can confirm either of these identifications, or indeed correct them, please drop me a line and I'll update the page.
Another Scott

A collection of Scotts.

Following on from Peter's contribution above, another forum regular (MikeC) sent over this following superb set of photographs. His grandfather was a keen enthusiast of the Scott motorcycle, and owned a number of examples. Mike adds the following:
"My grandfather was a great Scott enthusiast, and owned several over the years; the first shows him riding a pre-war Scott at the 1921 Ringlands Hillclimb near Norwich (where he lived), then a photo of three Scotts in a row in his back garden taken in 1955, a solo picture of him on EX 2412 (a 600cc Scott) and an earlier (1952) picture of him with his favourite, PW 5718, a Super Squirrel. And I've just found another one, RB 707 was a (not Super) Squirrel."
Thanks for the photos Mike - I wonder what your grandfather would have made of these photos being shared with motorcycle enthusiasts across the globe on here!?
Ringlands motorcycle hillclimb 1921
Three Scotts together
600cc Scott
Super Squirrel

A sepia image of a 1927 Scott motorcycle.

The following photograph - alas nothing specific is known about the scene nor the gents pictured with the Scott - is printed on Velox paper. The machine's registration is either FV 9043 (for Blackpool) or FY 9043 (Southport), given that the former series ran until 1937 whereas the latter only survived in use until 1927, I suspect that it is in fact FY 9043, given the likely age of the bike. Clearly the two gents were attending a formal gathering (the groom and best man?). The chirpy gent is holding a hat, presumably removed from the hat box resting on top of the Scott. The taller chap behind looks altogether more serious, perhaps he's fretting over his best man's speech? Or has he just survived a pillion ride on the back of the venerable Scott?
1927 Squirrel
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