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See Homepage. This page: An old photo showing a Morris Minor 1000 parked at a French roadside filling station.
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A Morris Minor filling up at a French Shell garage.

This old photo was taken during an excursion to Europe by the owners of this Morris Minor 1000. The car was flown to France courtesy of a Silver City Bristol Freighter (a shot of the car being loaded by Silver City employees can be seen here). The Minor, registration YMB 219, originally hailed from Cheshire, so was some way from home in this photograph, taken in the 1960s. The location of this French Shell garage is, alas, unknown.
A Shell garage in France, with a Minor parked outside
Shell garage memorabilia is very popular nowadays, and there are some real goodies visible at this French filling station. I can make out four petrol pumps in all, three of which have illuminated globes upon them - these are marked up as SuperShell, Shell, and Dieso-Shell. Note the shape of the nearest pump, not one I've seen in the UK so it must be a French design. A large sign hangs from the top of the garage building, and various Shell products are visible in the window, including tins of X-100 motor oil (huile). There is also an enamel sign advertising Pneus Dunlop screwed to the wall. Next door is a 'Coiffeur', or hairdressing salon.
Below is a clearer look at the line-up of Shell fuel pumps, shown in the above picture.
Petrol pumps outside a garage in France
This isn't the first overseas photo of a Morris Minor to feature on the site, these two Morris photos show a very similar 4 door Minor parked up in Libya of all places, albeit in LHD form and registered in Tripoli.
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