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Simca 8 Cabriolet.

Included amongst a small collection of post-war French car photographs, were two of a very smart little cabriolet. Now identified as a Simca 8 1200 Cabriolet (Model 516), it dates to 1949 or thereabouts. Cars prior to this year sported a slightly different grille, more closely matching the Fiat 508C on which the Simca 1200 was based. The majority of cars produced were the saloons (Berlines), making photographs of the open-top version quite rare to find.
Shown below is the clearer of the two pictures. The owner, complete with beret, is sat behind the wheel. The lack of foliage on the trees in the background point to it being a chilly time of year, yet this hardy chap chose to drive with his roof lowered, good man. It's certainly a very smart looking little car, with its full-width wheel trims, bonnet mascot, stylish bumper overriders and - an option for both the Cabriolet and Coupe I believe - extra "moustache"-type trims either side of the radiator grille. Wing mirrors have also been fitted. The second photograph shows a lady also stood with the car, suggesting that three of the Simca's four seats were occupied on that particular day. Its registration is 5656-AU-78 which points to the car living its formative years in and around Versailles, in the Yvelines departement.
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Simca Cabriolet photograph
The first Simca 8s, launched in 1938, were fitted with a 1,089cc engine, updated in the autumn of 1949 to a Fiat-designed 1,221cc unit, which would continue in service under the bonnet of the 8's ultimate successor, the Aronde (a second-series Aronde, the 90A, can be seen on this page).
By the end of production in 1951, several different versions had been offered, in addition to the Model 516 (Cabriolet). There was the 515 (four-door saloon), the 517 (Coupe), 530 (wooden body pickup), 532 (Station Wagon), and 561 (enclosed truck/van).
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