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See Homepage. This page: Two seater coupe version of Singer's 9hp saloon, built in the early 1930s.
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1. Singer 9 Coupe.

I've a few photos of pre-war Singers to go in here, mainly Singer 9 saloons, but this is the first to crop up that features the Singer 9 Sports Coupe of the early 1930's.
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A Singer 9 Coupe
This particular Singer, with a lady dressed in her fur coat stood alongside, was registered BV 3031. That makes this a northern-registered coupe, originally registered in the Blackburn area, post-June 1930. The sparse hedgerow and the fur coat suggests an autumnal or winter's day, although the hardy driver has still opted to have the Singer's screen full raised (maybe that's why the lady is so well wrapped up!).

2. A 1934 Singer Coupe reg. BPH 108.

Singer 9 Coupe registration BPH 108 appears in this next image, dating the car to 1934 and suggesting its early years were spent on the roads of Surrey. Evidently the car was in use during WW2 at the time of this photograph, judging by the white paint that has been applied to the Singer's wings, and the blackout headlamp mask fitted to the nearside lamp. There's no record of BPH108 on the DVLA system, so perhaps it didn't see the end of the war, or was broken up for parts in the 1950s. Alternatively, it may have been exported and the number simply dropped from the "system" - that's what has happened to sister car, BPH 65. Another Singer 9 Coupe, BPH 65 was registered within days (or hours) of the car shown below, and lives on in California - photos of it appear on the North American Singer Owners Club site.
1934 Singer Coupe
I must do some research into these Coupes, as our family had one in the 1950s.
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