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Singer Roadster.

The Singer Nine Roadster made its debut in 1939 - see advertisement further down this page - and shared much of its running gear with the 1,074cc Bantam saloon. Able to accommodate four occupants, it was designed as a comfortable tourer rather than a car with real sporting pretensions. Production of the Nine lasted until 1940, and was halted for the remainder of the war before being re-introduced in 1946.
The three photographs featured below show a classic Singer Roadster bearing the registration SC 1564. Despite the numberplate's appearance, I doubt this was a UK registration, and the scenery in the background confirms that this particular car had been exported at some point. The first photograph is a rear 3/4 shot, showing the Singer's swoopy lines to best effect. The whitewall tyres look quite tatty so evidently the car wasn't brand new at the time of these images.
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A Singer Roadster
Details in these photographs confirm that the car was either a 1939-onwards Nine Roadster, or else the post-war 4A Roadster introduced in 1950. There are two main reasons for this - firstly, later 4AB introduced a shorter radiator shell to the car's design, and secondly it heralded a switch to plain (slotted) steel wheels. This car's radiator clearly extends below the line of the front bumper, as can be seen in the next photo, and has "easi-clean" type wheels, thus making it either a Nine or a 4A Roadster. The chief difference between these two variants is that the former has a three-speed gearbox, the latter a four-speed, otherwise they look virtually the same bar a slight difference to their bumper styles.
Front view of the Singer
The final shot in this set shows a couple of people sat in the Singer, roof down as before. A shiny metal piece of trim has been added to the top of the passenger and driver's side door. A tax disc, very similar in style to UK discs of the era, can be seen attached to the windscreen support.
Sat inside the Roadster

1939 advertisement for the new Singer 9 Roadster.

The following advertisement was published in March 1939, and announces the new Singer 9 Roadster - "a fine achievement in Motoring History". Price 169 GBP.
1939 Singer 9 Roadster
Was the Roadster aimed specifically at the female slice of the market? Ladies alone help publicise Singer's new car in this advert, which was published in a trade journal of the day. Its "graceful lines that culminate effectively in the sweep of the tail", and the "unusually roomy" luggage locker, are also highlighted.
Performance was nippy enough for the day, ie 0-30mph in just six seconds, although there's no mention of anything so vulgar as top speed. The "disappearing hood" and "spring steering wheel" do warrant a mention though.
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