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See Homepage. This page: Original photos of Skoda 440/445 cars, probably in its native Czechoslovakia.
Original transport photographs
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A man, a sponge, and a 1950s Skoda 440.

Skodas aren't exactly plentiful on this site, and the 440/450 range of cars is all but unknown in the UK. The later Octavia did sell in small numbers, but it was really the advent of the later S100 that saw these Czech motorcars becoming more popular sights on the roads of Britain. The photo shows a 1950s Skoda 440 or 445 with its owner, probably in the car's homeland, benefitting from a good wash down. Note the nodding dog (or is it a real one?) on the back parcel shelf.
A Skoda 440 saloon car
The 440 range was introduced in 1955 and continued until 1959, when the similar-looking Octavia model took over. Two basic versions would be built during this production run, beginning with the original 1089cc 440 Spartak, built from '55 to '59. In 1957 a larger-engined version (1221cc) was offered, known as the Skoda 445. Both saloons and estate cars were available. A stylish 450 cabriolet was also marketed during the same period.

2. Another classic Skoda.

This next shot also, I believe, shows a Skoda 440 2dr saloon with its passenger door open. A pencilled note on the back of this photo says "1955", which fits in nicely as the 440 was produced from 1955 to 1959. Some preserved Skodas I've seen photos of have rounded rear wing tops, while others - such as the example shown below - sport a pair of natty tailfins. This rear three-quarter shot also reveals the two-tone door trim panels fitted to this model, and the folding passenger seat that enables access to the rear seat.
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Another classic Skoda 440
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