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Standard Flying 8 (Page 2).

All of the photos on this page feature Standard's "Flying 8" or post-war "8" saloon, continuing on from the selection presented on this page.

1. Margaret's collection of Standard photos.

Margaret Park emailed over a number of photographs, wondering if there was any way of establishing whether this particular Flying 8, RN 7112, is still around? I'd suggest contacting the Standard Motor Club for starters, to see if they have a record of it within their membership. If anyone reads this page and can shed light on what became of this car, or who later owned it, please get in touch and I'll pass on the details to Margaret.
Thanks to Margaret for allowing me to share the photos on this page. The first shows the Standard parked at home in the driveway. The RN registration series ran from October 1928 to December 1939, confirming this as a (just) pre-war example. Her grandfather bought the Standard in 1939 for 104 GBP, replacing a 1932 Rover 12hp. He later gave the Standard to Margaret's father, and he kept it for a further 20 years or so. Margaret adds:
"My dad was a mechanic driver during the war in the western desert and thought a lot of his car. He kept it in good mechanical order during his ownership, replacing it with an Austin A40 in the late 1950's. We had many trips to Cornwall in the Flying 8 in the 1950s, I have fond memories of it and would dearly like to know what its fate was or where it is now. I hope that there is someone out there who may know something, I would be most grateful, my dad was Ted Hudson."
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Standard Flying 8 from 1939
The second photo shows Margaret's father (on the left) with an unknown friend.
Front view of the Flying Standard
Now a scene showing the Standard on a holiday trip to the Lakes. A Morris is seen driving by the parked Standard 8, with another car (Morris 8?) parked behind.
Holidaying in the Standard motor-car
Still on holiday, the family are seen arm in arm, with a pre-war Austin and the Flying 8 in the foreground. At this point the 8 was still painted in its original black finish, but this would change a few years later, as photos further down this page will demonstrate.
Two pre-war cars parked together
Back to the home driveway once more for this next shot of the black Standard, accompanied by Margaret's Aunt and Uncle.
Stood with the 1939 car
The Standard is now seen all polished up, perhaps just driven out of its garage home (note the 1930's style of garage in the background, with its wooden doors open).
Clean and shiny car!
"My dad had the car sprayed to another colour, a brown/gold that's the colour I remember it as."
The Standard has been repainted
And finally, another shot of the re-painted 1021cc Standard in its new, lighter, paint scheme.
New paint job
Can anyone help out with Margaret's search for this 8-horse Standard? All information will be passed on. It doesn't appear on a search of the motor vehicle licensing website, but there's a chance it may still reside in a garage somewhere, waiting to be re-discovered......?

2. A post-war Standard 8.

The cars produced following WW2 no longer included the word "Flying" in their model name, so were just known as the Standard 8. The photo sent over by Leo, taken in Utrecht during a visit in 1958, shows just such a post-war example. The giveaway is the lack of vents in the bonnet side panel, a feature of pre-war cars that was dropped for late-1940's production.
This car, registration ST-06-10, is in great condition and would, at the time, have been ten or so years old. Lefthand drive, it has a large opening sunroof and benefits from the later fitment of "Mickey Mouse"-style flashing turn signals, fitted either side of the roof. A very characterful little car, I wonder what happened to it? Superb photo, thanks for sending it over for inclusion in this section of the website.
A post-war Standard 8
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